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Vienna Woods

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Amazon, Amazon UK etc

Reviews "terrific and well thought out... Dunya and Richard are especially wonderful... The ending was fun too!" - Tresjax, Amazon review


Vienna Woods

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Amazon, Amazon UK etc

Reviews "Intrigue and romance is a heady mix... I really enjoyed this book! ...filled with conspiracy, colorful characters, marvelous visual descriptions of the settings, and longing." - Amazon customer

Vienna Waltz

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Amazon, Amazon UK


"a luscious, glorious adventure of a love story" - Patricia M, Amazon

"Just tons of fun and bright sparkling people ...a joy to read!" - M. Thomson, Amazon

A Regency romance, as I love them!"
"What a beautiful surprise! Vienna Waltz is a clean, charming and captivating historical romance" - Nicole Laverdure, Amazon review

"A joy to read" - Barbara K. Literski, Amazon

"Exquisite... captivatng story... a breath of fresh air, leaving the reader with happiness in their hearts." - Starlet M., Amazon

"Loved it!" - Virginia, Amazon

"what a lucky find... I loved it." - Sandy Milan, Amazon

"good plot, romance, intrigue, danger, characters you truly care for and humor dispersed throughout. The story was enthralling" - Pam Pollackon, Amazon

Rebel of Ross

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"My book of 2016... one of those books that you can't put down but simultaneously want it never to end... I loved this story and it's going straight into my favourites folder." - Sandy Milan, Amazon

"I could scarcely put the book down..."
"What a fantastic book! ... Full of adventure and romance, it’s everything fans of this genre want... I became completely absorbed in the lives of Christian and Adam...Their romance is intense and wrought with passion." - A Book Drunkard

"a captivating story..."
"sweeping medieval novel packed with romance and adventure... truly endearing love story set during a fascinating time and in a spectacular setting"
"Rebel of Ross offers readers of medieval romance everything they could possibly want." - Books and Benches

"a delight... From the very beginning it is easy to get swept away and completely immersed in this medieval tale of adventure and romance... extensive research shines through with exquisite details" - One Book Shy of a Full Shelf

"brings medieval Scotland to life with vivid imagery... full of rich captivating characters with depth and scope." - A Book Junkie Reads

"The author did an amazing job of bringing this era to life... I was hooked" - Historical Fiction Obsession

A Prince to be Feared

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"An absorbing historical love story... A PRINCE TO BE FEARED is my favorite discovery of the year so far... exquisite characterization and storytelling skills... a love story as poignant as Romeo and Juliet... a rich, vibrant historical novel that is a rare find... So addictive and captivating that I didn’t want to read the end." -  (Recommended Read) TBR Mountain Range

"I really enjoyed the historical thought put into this book... well-developed characters... in superb taste and with original vision.... at the heart of this historical read is the romance between Vlad and Ilona." - Oh for the Hook of a Book

"I was kind of into Vlad... Ilona, was fun, a realistic mix of innocence and boldness, a bit fiery and a bit shy; I could relate to her... it's fun, and effortless to read" - Unabridged Chick

"a new view on Dracula.... a wonderful job of detailing Vlad's life...I really enjoyed this book. In the end, Vlad is neither monster nor saint, but simply Vlad." - Musings of a Book Junkie

 "I loved what Lancaster did with A Prince to be Feared...taking Vlad Dracula, a character largely vilified and humanizing him, is truly captivating... Different yet memorable...a unique perspective." - Flashlight Commentary

""I enjoyed this story... engaging and interesting. It definitely kept me reading!" - A Bookish Affair


A World to Win

Available in print from, Amazon UK and Barnes & Noble

Buy the ebook from, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Kobo.


"Mary Lancaster has written a wonderful story with a bevy of characters, an exciting plot and a love story that is sweet but very powerful. Ms. Lancaster’s heroine is a down to earth woman who is sensible and resourceful. Her hero is a man of his times, a man with a dream and a man who believes that revolution can be conducted without violence. This is a story that will hold the reader until the end and will draw her into the time period. Ms. Lancaster has a way of making the reader feel she is right there in the story and seeing and feeling everything her characters do. This reviewer loved it!!" - 5 hearts, Valerie, Love Romances and More!

"an enthralling epic tale of passion, intrigue, adventure and suspense that will captivate you from the very first page...Mary Lancaster is a hugely talented storyteller who has written an engrossing tale of war, drama and emotion that will leave you breathless." - 5 red roses, JB, Red Roses for Authors!



An Endless Exile

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"deep and thought provoking, realistic and exciting... humorous and witty... absolutely stunning." - 5 hearts, Valerie, Love Romances and More

"brilliant, beautiful, mesmerizing!" - Deborah MacGillivray

 "an action packed story... Hereward was/is an enigmatic figure and he is brought back to life vividly in this novel" -  Kimberly Gelderman, Amazon

Dia H, Amazon

"wow oh wow... totally amazing." - Dia H, Amazon


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