The Wicked Wolfe

De Wolfe Pack Connected World (Blackhaven Brides, Book 9.5)

Light, fun Regency novella from Mary Lancaster.

Connecting the world of Blackhaven Brides with Kathryn le Veque's De Wolfe Pack...

A Regency Wolfe comes to Blackhaven… and finds new battles to fight.

Captain John Wolfe, known as Mad Jack, has left the army under parental pressure. But fighting is in his blood and he does not take well to civilian life. In his own words he is “going to the devil” and is in Blackhaven to sell a minor property in order to continue on that course. Until his house and his hangover are invaded by the genteel but poverty-stricken James family and their terrifying dog.

Linnet James’s chief concern is to make her mother well again. Between that, money worries and caring for her young siblings, she has no time and less inclination to consider marriage. Until she encounters Wolfe. Their meeting is the start of an adventures involving highwaymen, poets, pawnbrokers and thin ice—and sudden, unexpected love.

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"Another sweet Lancaster story."

"a tale that will make you smile while pulling at your heartstrings"

"What a captivating story!"

"Love My Wicked Wolfe...I feel like a resident of Blackhaven!!"

"an entertaining road to the hea. I just love the way this author writes."

"a fun, romantic, family loving book"

                                                                                                              - Amazon reviews



“It’s a monkey!” 

The man on the sofa regarded it. “So it is. The monkey, I remember. You, I do not. Nor the dog. Is it a dog? Or a pony?” He frowned. “And children! I most certainly don’t recall you. Where the devil did I find you all?”

“I’m afraid you didn’t, sir,” Linnet said apologetically, for the man did not speak like a vagrant or even a servant. Her best guess was a steward or some kind of man of business, though he seemed a very odd one. “We stumbled upon you when our dog ran into the house. I think he smelled your monkey.”

The man wrinkled his nose. “I’m not surprised. He’s rank. I’ll put it down to fear of the beast you call a dog,”

Bolton, apparently confused by the conversation, had subsided somewhat. No longer straining against Linnet, he concerned himself with glowering at man and monkey and uttering occasional low-voiced growls whenever either of them moved.

“Well, if you wouldn’t mind shaking hands with me,” Linnet suggested, “he will probably accept you. Though I’m less sure of the monkey. Laura.”

Obediently, Laura slid into place in front of Bolton, wrapping her arms around his great neck while Linnet sat up. The boys took their places on either side of him, each grasping his collar.

The man on the sofa, a large and rumpled looking young gentleman with his blond hair standing up in uneven spikes, watched these maneuvers with interest. His lips twitched as Linnet knelt facing him and held out her hand.

“How do you do, sir? I am Linnet James, and these are my siblings, Henry, Laura, and William. The beast is Bolton.”

“I am very pleased to make your acquaintance,” the man replied gravely, taking her hand. His felt cold, the skin a little rough, but his grip was firm and civilly brief. “Especially, Mr. Bolton’s.”


All content Copyright Mary Lancaster, 2017.

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